Promposal: 12 Dress Ideas for Prom

A Paula Hian piece for prom is what you need for your main character moment. 


Seen everywhere from red carpet entrances to late night talk shows, Paula Hian designs are always a stand-out. 


Get ready to be the talk of the town wearing one of these showstopper gowns and support a local Philadelphia business at the same time!


1. Pascaline Gown


The Pascaline Gown is the epitome of a prom dress. Its simple shape and strapless neckline are elegant and timeless, with the original concentric circle design material adding a fun twist. 


2. Jocelina Gown

Universally flattering, the Jocelina Gown, in Paula’s signature, luminescent material, speaks for itself! This backless halter gown’s uniquely designed, cascading pleats fall on your figure in just the right way.


3. Liliane Gown

Liliane Gown will compliment your personality on the big day. The soft, ruffled detail adds a whimsical touch, while its contoured front enables you to photograph beautifully from all angles. Available in a matte or brilliant material, you can dress it up or down!


4. Devona Jumpsuit

Make your own statement in the Devona Jumpsuit! Its strapless fitted bodice and flare leg compliment your figure while remaining comfortable. The Devona, created from Paula’s original artwork material, is all about the details - featuring cut out shapes embroidered with delicate chains and beading, against a shadowy ombre pattern in soft tonal hues.


5. Celestine Gown

Check out the Celestine Gown, made from the same stunning material design as the Devona Jumpsuit, and turn all heads this prom season.


6. Carine Dress

Be the center of attention in this gorgeous unique statement dress. It’s design, material and color say it all!


7. Seraphina Gown

The ethereal Seraphina Gown has a bodycon fit with an ombré design and a subtle sheen from its metallic knit. Its soft colors symbolize the spring/summer seasons, and emphasize your features and natural beauty.


8. Solaine Jumpsuit

The glamorous and sleek Solaine Jumpsuit is ideal for the red carpet, a movie premiere, and of course, prom. Its simple shape, cinched waist, and scalloped metallic lace knitted material is your ticket to feeling luxurious and looking chic. 


9. Calandre Dress

Shine bright like a diamond in this bold and fitted bodycon dress. The whimsical wave texture adds some fun to this solid colored halter dress with criss-cross straps. 


10. Donna Dress

Go sophisticated and romantic in this cross halter brocade dress. Decorated in metallic brocade knit, you are certain to be the best dressed! 


11. Jeanice Dress

Love the Jocelina but prefer a shorter style? The Jeanice Dress is for you. 

Pleats come together to form this dazzling dress, from top to bottom. Its tuxedo waistband and plunging neckline complete this extraordinary cocktail dress.

You won’t want to stop twirling all night!


12. Terri Gown

Make a stand-out entrance and then flow onto the dance floor in the Terri Gown. Created with Paula’s signature pleated metallic knit, as in the Jocelina and Jeanice, the Terri gives you another back detail that subtly enhances the entire silhouette.


What are you favorites? Call us today and schedule an appointment! We would be honored to be part of your special day. 

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