Every Yard Counts // Going the Extra Length for Luxury Sustainability

Various fabrics at the Paula Hian showroom (pictured above)


Environmental consciousness is of great importance at Paula Hian Designs. Paula has always been invested in sustainability, incorporating it into her business model. To that end, Paula designs clothing that is timeless - quality pieces that can be worn for seasons and remain classic. “Quality functionality” is a term Paula uses to describe her designs saying; ‘often my styles get better with time!” By avoiding trends, Paula Hian Designs’ collections remain on their own terms.

To further her sustainability initiatives, while Paula creates her masks and clothing out of excess fabrics, trimmings and yarns, she also recycles her unused materials through PH Luxury Fabrics.


Thousands of buttons at the Paula Hian showroom (pictured above)


PHLuxuryFabrics.com sells her unused luxury fabrics, trimmings, buttons, zippers and other notions directly from her showroom in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, on Etsy and on Queen of Raw, an online platform located in New York City.



Click here to shop the PH Lux Fabrics Etsy shop.


By just recycling unused materials, this small responsible business practice saves an average of 700 gallons of water per yard, rather than miring the environment by the usual practice of burning or burying in a landfill. Paula has always been passionate about saving and protecting the world we live in and sees this as a means to combine her love of fashion with her environmental concerns. 

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