Harry Styles - The Harlequin is Back!

Harry the Harlequin at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards! 


Did you see Harry the Harlequin at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards!?

Originating from the 16th century, the harlequin began in Italian theatrical form and evolved into a fashion pattern in 1950’s America. 

… its evolution and timelessness continues in various Paula Hian modern harlequin designs. 

Magnolia -- Formal evening gown with metallic Harlequin design

Floretta -- Fitted halter dress with harlequin design

Remi -- Asymmetric zip jacket with metallic harlequin design

Ella -- Fitted halter dress with metallic harlequin design



Paula Hian is always innovative yet classic and these harlequin designs are a premiere example!

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