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Sacred Geometry is the study of the meanings behind shapes. According to Spirituality Writer, Sarah Regan, in her article titled: “Sacred Geometry is Literally Everywhere - Here’s Where to Look and How to Use It”, shapes are deeply rooted in nature and history, and represent intricate symbols from ancient times. 

These spiritual references can be applied to shapes that we see in our clothing. Connection and alignment is the focus and goal of using such patterns and forms in design. Different patterning and arrangements of lines can offer varying focal points and energies. Geometric shapes are commonly highlighted and synonymous with many of Paula Hian’s designs. Below are featured designs that have unique meanings and create intricately stunning pieces. 


Squares in sacred geometry represent a very practical and solid energy. Think about the base of a pyramid—it's a square. This shape can be thought of as foundational and dependable. It is very stable, grounding, and safe. 



The square is used here in the Aubrey Gown with several repeating squares stacked on top of each other, building upon one another and drawing the eye upwards to elongate. 

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The cropped Toinette Jacket features one centered square. The single shape on this jacket draws the eye to the center and symbolizes stability. 

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Circles have seemingly no beginning or end, so they represent a never-ending loop. As such, circles in sacred geometry can be thought of as a symbol of oneness or infinity. The idea of this "never-ending" shape is demonstrable and observable in pi, or the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Pi is an irrational number that goes on forever, never repeating.



The orange and white Geneva Dress features fan sleeves and a playful circular design. 

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The strapless lilac and white Sandrine Dress above has a similar circular pattern resembling oneness.

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Floral designs can represent the flower of life in nature. The flower of life is one of the most recognizable examples of sacred geometry. The design is considered to be a symbol of protection. It can also represent the “seed of life” which commonly refers to blessings and creative energy. The flower of life displays how everything in nature is intertwined. The cardigans below feature beautiful, original floral designs that are both eye-catching and elegant. 



The Isabel Cardigan has an elegant black and crème floral design which exemplifies the protection and beauty of nature. 

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Paula’s blue and black Kylie Cardigan features a smaller, more detailed floral pattern, representative of creative energy. 

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In sacred geometry, the diamond represents a journey to higher understanding. The points of the diamond symbolically resemble purity and perfection. The points can also be interpreted as a peak of intellectual knowledge. Diamond shapes translate to clarity and enlightenment. The dresses below feature diamond shapes which elongate and represent clarity and perfection.



Diamonds are shown here in the design of the Bernelle Dress. The diamond shapes on the collared dress elongate the wearer. Paula’s creative pattern on this dress is truly perfection. 

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The multicolored Floretta Dress is a unique, eye-catching pattern. The colors are each strung in organized lines which elongate the silhouette. 

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Triangles in sacred geometry symbolize balance and harmony. The upward facing point of the shape also represents raising consciousness. The three lines are meant to resemble stability and power. Triangles can also correspond to the union of mind, body, and spirit. Elements of triangles in Paula’s pieces are unifying and strengthening. 



Two triangles on the Victorina Dress are representative of the strengthening meaning behind the shape. The two shapes also create a figure flattering illusion of a cinched waist on this dress. 

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Triangles on the Halette Dress are unique in pastel colors. The triangles are also placed in an abstract zigzag pattern which resembles balance. 

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The Clarita Dress above features triangles along its eye-catching design. The triangle shapes create a slimming and balanced effect. 

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