Paula's Adventures in Paris

Recently, Paula traveled to Paris to work on her upcoming collections - spending the days sketching and making swatches. Also on her itinerary? Exploring the city for inspiration from the architecture!

Paula on her way to work!


Paula heads west of Paris to spend the day at the factory that produces her designs. There she works with skilled artisans that will help bring her designs to life! 


Notre Dame de l'Assomption in Rue Cambon.


Although preparing new collections is her focus on her Paris trips, Paula finds time to explore beautiful architecture in the city. On her most recent visit, she stopped by the Notre Dame de l’Assomption church located in Rue Cambon.  

Architecture has always been one of Paula’s main points of inspiration for her designs. She enjoys referencing the patterns and shapes that patterns create. 

Cathédrale Notre Dame from across the river. Located in the 4th arrondissement of Paris.

The patterned cobblestone streets of Paris.


Paula even draws inspiration from the cobblestone streets. The streets of Paris inspire ideas through the swirling cobblestone patterns that almost appear to be animated. 

Sample swatches produced in France for Paula’s upcoming designs.


While in France, Paula works on creating lots of different swatches to help her decide on that final look and feel for her new pieces. Swatches allow her to create many different trials of designs without using a lot of materials, and to really hone in on the final design. 

In Paula’s newest collection, you’ll find rich jewel tones as well as lots of metallics!

Paula's original sketches from her new collection.



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