10 Distinctive Types of Knits

There is more to just shopping than simply selecting an outfit. Our clothing style is in many ways an expression of who we are. What better way to represent ourselves than to know more about the knits we are wearing as well as the designs? 

Paula Hian’s collections are luxuriously crafted in her unique materials and knits. Her custom and ready-to-wear pieces are expertly made in France and knitted of self-designed fabrics in specified constructions. The following selection of sophisticated knits can be found in Paula’s most desired designs, ranging from metallic brocade to classic tweeds to milano.


1. Brocade


A brocade is characterized by raised, textural designs, usually creating a rich look. Brocades often incorporate metallic threads of gold or silver, with its fibers shimmering in the light. The raised design only appears on the face of the fabric and the weaving process is usually by means of a jacquard method.



Above is the beautiful Paula Hian brocade Monet Jacket and Beatrix Dress. The brocade can be seen in the raised metallic gold design on the material of this outfit, creating an eye-catching statement look. The unique finish and pattern of this look makes it simply timeless.

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2. Pique Knit


Pique knit is weaved using geometric designs or parallel cords in the fabric. Pique fabrics can include anything from cotton to viscose yarns that are durable, flexible and breathable. The knits are known for their stretch and create figure-flattering silhouettes.



In the stand out Fae Jacket and Evette Skirt, its double face pique knit makes it a flexible and highly wearable professional set. Paula’s timeless creation is a sleek look and staple for every luxury fashion wardrobe, ensuring you will be comfortable while being prepared to take on the day.  

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3. Twill


Twill is a knit that is woven in a diagonal pattern. The thread forms ribs that can be more noticeable with heavier yarn. This material, categorized by its diagonal weave, is often used to create structured pieces that are sophisticated and elegant, as seen in Paula’s collections.




This stunning set, composed of the Ursula Jacket and Jolie Skirt, is cut in Paula’s turbo twill knit to give this form-fitting look a flattering, structural edge. This unique twill knit will not lose its shape, even if you are sitting at your desk all day long or before a crowd at a speaking engagement. Lightweight while looking professional, this sleek twill ensemble is versatile for any season. 

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4. Double Jersey Knit


A double jersey knit is formed by two sets of needles. Double jersey fabric is similar to single jersey fabric, however, the front and back surfaces of double jersey material is identical. The wales of the fabric on either of the smooth sides alternate and the back loops are knitted together.



The Arnaude Jacket and Mathilda Skirt are double jersey knits in an abstract check design. Fitted, and figure-flattering, the double knit is both breathable and lightweight. Paula’s signature asymmetrical shapes cut in this textured, abstract patterning, trimmed in double jersey, creates the most memorable outfit.

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5. Ottoman Knit


An ottoman knit is a fabric with a pronounced ribbed texture. Ottoman knits are usually made with a mixture of cotton and other similar or wearable yarns to create a crossed pattern that is pronounced and tightly woven. Ottoman knits are often used for coats as well as day to evening wear.



This is the Paula Hian ottoman knit Alaina Dress. This solid color dress boasts simplicity and wearability, but upon taking a closer look, the ottoman knit sets it apart. Knitting this stunning dress in ottoman creates a luxurious texture with its beautiful ribbed design. The ottoman knit dress is highly functional and wrinkle resistant, the PERFECT addition to any wardrobe!

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6. Crepe Knit


A crepe knit creates textured fabric that has stretchy elements and a crimped appearance. The term is derived from the French word ‘crespe’ meaning ‘crisp’. The purposefully wrinkled appearance is unique and achieved through woven or knit fabric that can be thin and sheer, fine and opaque, or even heavy. This knit is commonly used for dresses, jackets, and skirts - and with its wrinkled appearance - makes the crepe knit perfect for a draped silhouette.



This is the wonderful Karla French crepe knit dress. The crepe knit gives this feminine and fun style its swing that will surely bring out your youthful side. Paula uniquely designed this crepe knit material to be sheer with polka dots for this fully lined dress to be as lighthearted as it is flattering.

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7. Tweed Knit


The tweed stitch, a two-row repeating pattern that lays flat, remains a classic. Tweed itself is a rough woven fabric usually made from wool or other fibers. Often woven using different colored threads to achieve a dynamic and unique pattern, it usually consists of small squares and vertical lines.



Above is the Paula Hian black and white tweed Corrine Top and Joan Pant. The tweed stitch is created here using white and black viscose yarns that blend to give a lustrous, almost silver in color, looking material. This appearance makes the look figure-flattering, its slimming effect resulting from this unique tweed knit combined with the leather peplum. 

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8. Matelasse Knit


Matelasse knit is a weaving technique that creates a quilted pattern. This method mimics the hand-stitched quilts historically made in Marseilles, France. The fabric also appears to be padded, despite containing no padding throughout the fabric.



Knit in matelasse, the Catalina Dress offers an intricate textured design that’s visibility can be either subtle or strong, depending on how light and shadow hits it. Due to the substantiality of the weave, this dress will give a smoothing over effect on the wearer. 

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9. Intarsia


Intarsia is a unique knitting technique that incorporates colors, usually forming pictures, shapes or patterns. Intarsia knits use color blocking to strand together different lengths of yarn to complete the design. 



Above is the Paula Hian intarsia knit Naomi Cardigan and Margaux Skirt. Knitting this skirt and sweater in intarsia creates a playful and colorful pattern, straight from Paula’s childhood sketchbook. This unique knit is show-stopping!


10. Milano Knit


A milano knit is achieved when a fabric is crafted from two sets of yarns. The fabric is knitted in a diagonal pattern and has a fine, vertical rib. Milano knits are lightweight and have a smooth texture. The fabric created is soft and moveable. The best part about the milano knit is that it is always complimentary and figure-flattering.



Pictured above is the milano knit Lorraine Pant. This is one of Paula’s most highly demanded styles due to the wearability and sleekness that the milano knit offers. This type of knit is figure flattering which makes the Lorraine Pant a staple for anyone's closet.

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Which of these knits can you find in your closet? We love hearing from you, leave your comments below! 

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