A lover of looking put-together, Paula wears her own designs and finds a kinship with women who prefer timeless pieces over trends.

Paula Hian grew up with creativity pulsing through her veins. The daughter of a photographer and classical musician, Paula discovered her artistic niche at age five, when she began sketching, cutting, and using a sewing machine to create her own wardrobe. Inspiration came from all around her, as angles of buildings and lines of bridges began to take shape in her mind as something else entirely. Fabrics found their way into her brain before she could figure out where they came from. And the beauty of her surroundings – be it flowers, paintings or simple structural elements - became embedded in her soul.
Paula's childhood drawings.
While continuing to channel this inspiration into actual designs, Paula’s passion quickly became a way of life. She majored in art history at Northwestern University and attended New York’s prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology as a graduate student.
But if art and architecture were her first loves, Paris was her kindred spirit. While pursuing her design degree, Paula was selected to participate in the famous Concours International Des Jeunes Createurs De Mode competition in Paris, where she was awarded first prize. Her winning dress found a home in the permanent collection of the Louvre Museum and her label was born, with France stamped forever as the birthplace of her career. Immersing herself in the art, architecture and culture that surround her there, she spends her days in France sourcing and sketching. Her clothes are manufactured amongst the world’s most elite brands, her designs brought to life by artisans in-sync with her discerning sensibilities. 
Paula Hian's award winning dress that now resides in the Louvre Museum in Paris.
A lover of looking put-together, Paula wears her own designs and finds a kinship with women who refuse to become a slave to the trends. She designs for the independent minded woman who thinks on her own and has her own sense of style. The eloquent statement she makes with her clothes is perfect for someone who has always seen style as the best way to speak to the world without words.